Babywearing – how to make it part of your lifestyle

Babywearing refers to carrying your child in a sling, pouch or other type of carrier as you go about your day. The benefits are significant enough that lots of moms give it a try.

But it seems like plenty of moms give it up rather quickly.

I was one of those moms. I had a fancy sling, in leopard print, no less. I tucked my wee baby into it to go for a walk. But it made him bend around awkwardly to fit my body. Then it seemed to close over him, and I didn’t like that I couldn’t see his face and that it might be cutting off airflow. I also had a Baby Bjorn type of front carrier that I used maybe once or twice.

I had a hard time fitting babywearing into my lifestyle.

I found that the times when I really would have liked to carry my baby in a sling, it just wasn’t suitable. For example, I would be bending over too much when doing household chores like laundry, and cleaning with a baby in a sling just didn’t seem like a good idea, either. Cooking is another big time that would have been convenient, but of course that’s out for safety reasons. I can’t begin to fathom how I might have breastfed my baby hands-free in a sling, but some people manage it.

With my second baby, I am making it a point to follow some of the tips below to work babywearing into our daily routine better this time around.

Consider these tips to fit babywearing into your lifestyle

If you want to carry your baby more but find it hard to fit in good opportunities, consider these times and slip on your carrier before you jump into your activity:

  • When you’ve got to be on your feet a lot during a part of the day.
  • If you’re on an outing, such as at the park, with your baby.
  • If you will be spending a lot of time walking, whether outside or at the mall.
  • When your baby is fussy and needs to be held all evening, but you can’t just sit in the rocking chair the whole time.
  • When typing at the computer.
  • Find the type of carrier that fits your needs and your baby’s size. The sling I had might have been good for carrying an older child on my hip, but I just didn’t know how to use it with my newborn. A wrap style of carrier might have been better.
  • Practice! Make a plan to wear your baby every day even if for only 15 minutes.

Learn more about babywearing at the Babywearing School or a forum like Here’s a great overview of the types of carriers, too.

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Comments (2)

  1. Emma

    I am glad to know someone else out there had trouble too !
    With my first son, I jumped on this bandwagon super fast. After all , this was my first child I had to. Plus they looked super fashionable and very cute. Needless to say, I jumped off this wagon really quick like. I couldn’t ever seem to get comfortable ! While being pregnant with my second child I decided to give it another try. And while in the doc office for a check up, I noticed an issue of American Baby talking about this issue. I asked to make a copy of the article and waalaa ! I was a baby sling carrying pro !! Don’t give up is my advice. Plus my problem is that I picked one out based on its looks. The second one I bought I was practical about it. Did lots of research and found one that fits my body type and personal style !!

  2. BethGold

    I tried t but I found it too hard to use with all the fabric, 1 baby ad only 2 hands. I like the concept but it needs to be easier

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