Matching Baby Hats for Brothers

I blog at Beanie, but I’m also a customer. Today I want to tell you about the two matching baby boy hats I bought for my sons.

brown boys earflap hat

For my almost 3 year old

I’ll confess I never had baby hats on the brain with my first boy. He was a hot, sweaty bundle, and, living in Florida, I rarely worried about keeping his head warm.

But since then I’ve learned a lot. I love to take photos of my little guy, and hats just look so sweet on him. After finding Beanie Designs, I found simply exquisite baby boy hats that are knit for breathability, in organic cotton, too. I wish I’d had some cute hats at least for photos when he was really little.

Now that I’m expecting Boy #2, I can’t wait to dress them both up in matching baby hats!

So I went on a hunt. I scoured the Beanie Designs site to find the ultimate matching set of baby boy’s hats.

Here are the hats I chose and why.

I didn’t want their hats to match exactly. I figured the two brothers will have different personalities and the age difference will also demand some special considerations for each.

For my three year old, I chose an organic cotton brown earflap hat with blue and cream stripes (in size 1-4). He has a darling face and the long tassels on either side will highlight his eyes, I think. I love the subdued colors for him, and I figure he will get a lot of wear out of it when we go out in the winter.

Blue and beige boys stocking cap

For boy #2 on the way

For boy #2, I ordered a blue, brown and beige stocking cap in size 3-6 months. This will ensure he can wear it when he’s starting to sit up and look a little more alert—and also possibly for some cute sleeping poses. The tassel is quite short and adds a sweet touch without overwhelming. It’s even softer than I expected, and I think it’s going to be the absolute perfect knit hat for my new little boy.

When I received my hats, I was thrilled to see that both are knit in the exact same high-quality organic cotton yarns. The colors looked similar online, but I didn’t expect they would match perfectly! So I got my matching baby boy’s hats without having to resort to using the exact same hat.

After little boy #2 makes his appearance in November, look for photos of the two of them together here!

Do you have a set of boys or girls you’ve ordered matching hats for? Which ones did you choose?

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