Mom-talk on a play date

If you’re a mom with a baby turning into a toddler, you may be looking forward to setting up play dates. It sounds like a great excuse to dress up your kid, get out of the house, and spend time with another mom while your kids play together happily.

Looking forward to stimulating conversation? A heart-to-heart with a kindred soul?

Actually it goes more like this: You ask a question, miss the answer as you spend the rest of the time playing referee for the kids, then forget what it was you really wanted to know from your friend.

And then you remember when you’re on the way home in the car. So you text her later during naptime. Or send her a message through Facebook. That’s where moms really talk.

The play date conversation is more like this. Imagine you’re meeting your friend at a park.

YOU: So, how are you doing with the new job? Caleb, don’t put that in your mouth! Give me that!

OTHER MOM: Ugh, do you need a wipe? The job? I’m settling in. It’s harder than I thought…

YOU: (Interrupting) Where did he go? He was just here. Caleb! Caleb! Oh, there he is.

OTHER MOM: Oh, I wanted to ask you, is Caleb going to summer camp this year?

YOU: Yes, I’ve got him signed up. What about Jaden? Oh no, he’s trying to take that boy’s truck. I’ll be right back…

JADEN (OTHER MOM’S KID): Truck! Truck! I want my truck!

OTHER MOM: You didn’t bring it honey (followed by tears and screams).

YOU: What were we talking about?

OTHER MOM: Yikes it’s 11:30 already. We’ve got to run. It was nice seeing you!

At least it feels that’s the way it goes sometimes. How about your play dates? Any secrets to happy play and a great conversation? Or does it all smooth out at a certain age? Do tell!

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  1. Beth P

    It’s so nice getting together with another mom. So far our kids are still little so we get enjoy our conversations but this gives me a preview of what’s coming lol.

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