Hiring help – don’t we deserve it?

Growing up, I always felt that maids and hired help were for the rich. Why spend money on something you could do yourself? I’d much rather have that money for travel. Or clothes. Or anything but having someone clean our toilets and vacuum for us.

Fast forward to the present day. My husband and I have a three-year-old son and a two-month-old baby. Dinner is takeout or something frozen nearly every day. We’ve got someone who mows our lawn and a maid service that comes every two weeks.

Up until I was 7 months pregnant with our second child, I really thought I could do it all, even with a newborn and a toddler. The key, I thought, would be good planning and having a routine that let me do a bit at a time.

What was I ever thinking?!

To begin with, I can’t imagine how I would have survived the first 6 weeks without my in-laws’ help with cooking and the older son. The onslaught of doctor’s visits even before the baby was born nearly did me in. (I guess we weren’t counting on having a high-risk pregnancy, either.)

This belief, the ideal that women should be able to do it all (on three hours’ sleep most days!) has made a lot of women simply miserable. Imagine, we’re expected to contribute to the family’s income, raise the kids, cook a meal every night and keep the house neat and clean – all without anyone’s help.

Especially in this economy, I know most women find a way to just do it all. Or don’t do it. But regardless, they don’t hire someone to help them.

In the end, I caved and hired a maid. I tried out several services thanks to promotions on Groupon, until I found one I liked and we could afford. The house feels great. And it’s a big weight off my shoulders. Lucky for me, my husband is completely on board.

If you’re a mom, working or not, and you’re finding yourself stretched too thin, why not give some consideration to hiring some help? The ding to the pocketbook may be worth it in the end to save your sanity.

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  1. BethGold

    I so wish I could afford a maid! that would help so much! I agree now days, we are being stretched way to thin. In return, all anyone gets is stress. Its not good for you or your family. If a maid cannot be afforded we have learned to share the house chores, not just the woman doing it. plus, lets face it, its not programed into most men’s minds to do it without being told…sorry guys, its true!

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