Organic Cotton, the Best Material for Baby Skin

I have a penchant for making baby’s hats. I can never make enough of them because my customers seems to want more designs and more choices. After scouring for new handcrafters who can add their unique hats to Beanie Designs, I came across a company own by a husband and wife selling handmade hats and sweaters (I‘m so tempted to add add the knitted sweaters, so cute!) What made me want to add their hats to beanie designs? The fact that they use 100% organic cotton!


There is something natural, soothing and sensitive about organic cotton. When it comes to baby’s skin, I think children tops the list of having one of the most sensitive skins. Some children may break out into a rash very easily if any other fiber other than cotton is used. Believe me, I have received emails from parents making sure that the hats they are about to purchase is made of 100% cotton. While we have cotton which are great all around, I decided to add Organic cotton.

So now we have gorgeously soft organic cotton hats in fabulous colors, designs and styles to choose from. Beanie Designs is a definite choice for all of you looking for organic cotton beanies for your babies.

Another great reason why Beanie Designs hats are the best choice for your baby’s sensitive skin. So go ahead and try one of our organic cotton hats and let me know what you think.

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