Organization tip for keeping track of important details

The first time I was pregnant, I cost us a bundle when I forgot to make a payment (okay, 3 payments) on our new entertainment system. We had bought it on a no-interest promotion, which of course becomes a “pay tons of interest” promotion if you forget to make the payments.

Normally I was organized and diligent about that sort of thing, or so I thought. And since becoming a mom, it’s only been downhill. My brain is juggling so many details I can’t seem to hold anything for more than a few seconds.

Now I’ve found a quick place to jot down notes before I forget them. I simply put a whiteboard on the fridge.

Now I can’t live without my simple whiteboard. I’ve got to-do lists there. Phone numbers. Notes I think of when I’m in the kitchen. Even reminders to email people.

Here are a couple ideas to help you make the most of a whiteboard for yourself:

  1. Put it in a spot where you spend a lot of time. It may not be the kitchen for you.
  2. Make sure you’ve got a dry erase pen stuck near it somehow. You won’t write anything down if you don’t have the pen!
  3. It also helps if you have tissues nearby. The whiteboard can start to look messy if you’re crossing things out instead of wiping them off.
  4. If a whiteboard doesn’t feel like it will work for you, consider leaving notepads and pens in the spots where you find yourself thinking of things. On the nightstand, so you can jot down thoughts before you drift off at night. In the bathroom if you think of things while you’re putting on makeup. On an end table next to the sofa for brilliant ideas that pop into your head while watching TV, and so on.
  5. If you also use a calendar, get used to transferring your appointments and notes to the calendar each day at a certain time so it becomes a habit.

Are you using a whiteboard? Any other ideas to help keep track of those random notes and details that sometimes slip through the cracks?

Organization tip for moms: keeping track of appointments and notes
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