Fun props for little boys’ photos

Baby boy photosMost boys love cars and airplanes. They adore bulldozers and the like. But you don’t want your little guy’s favorite Caterpillar digger in your family portraits, right?

Here are some ideas of fun props for your little boy’s photo session:

Musical instruments – The rock star toddler with a guitar seems to be a popular theme these days. What about setting him up with a beautifully painted drum and letting him make his music? Holding a violin or fiddle and bow could be so sweet if you want to go for a vintage look. And what about letting him explore dad’s grownup sized tuba or guitar? The scale mix-up could make for a stunning photo. Top it off with this baby boy’s cap to match the mood.

Something handmade – If there’s a grandpa in the picture who’s good with a carving knife, see what he can fashion for your little man. It will have that much more meaning when you look at the photos years down the road. My dad carved an airplane for my son, and the photographer loved the bright blue in it. It just happened to match a blue quilt my grandmother made for me when I was little. We posed for a family picnic on it, even showing a few other cute toys from family members in the pictures.

Beautiful colors – An intense shot of red or other vibrant color can liven up photos, so look for toys or props that will complement your child’s skin coloring and any clothing you may want him to wear. If your son loves fire trucks, for example, you might find a beautiful wooden one that matches the feel you’d like for your photos.

One tip: see if you can help create some form of bond with the props before your photo session. That way, he’ll be sure to smile when he sees them and he’ll know just what to do. You may also have an idea of the sorts of poses that you can realistically expect as he’s playing with the item.

Tell us about some of the props that have worked for you!

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