Recalled products – when to worry

A day can’t go by that some baby product is not recalled. Even major, well-established brands like Graco and Britax are not immune.  It can be frightening, especially if you’re expecting your first child or still finding your new parenting legs. How can you decide which products to trust?

First of all, it pays to be informed. Learn why the product was recalled.

When the recall is due to a flaw in design that presents a threat under normal expected use, quit using it immediately. For example, the problem with older Graco strollers could affect any child not strapped in. (If you don’t have a super wiggly child, you probably don’t even use the straps much, right?)

Some recalls are due to improper use of a baby product. I plan to buy a Nap Nanny for my next baby, even though it was recalled a while back. Sadly, a few parents used it improperly, resulting in tragedy. However, there don’t appear to be any safety issues when used as recommended. The company has even modified the design since to take it one step further.

Reputable manufacturers will provide a solution to the problem.

I bought some Roman blinds from The Land of Nod. They relied on a pull cord to raise them. After a month of using them with no problem, I received a little kit to modify the design so that it used little plastic hooks to raise the blinds rather than a cord, because there had been a concern that the cord could pose a strangulation hazard.

Not all companies are so proactive. I had loved the idea of this baby hammock. But it’s now on my do-not-buy list due to a recall issue where the company seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. Granted they reappeared and offered a few kits, but reports said they closed their doors in the U.S. soon after.

If you have a product that is recalled and the company doesn’t immediately offer a solution, it is best to discontinue using the product, even if it’s been working for you up to that point.

More things you can do to stay informed:

  • Make sure you use your baby products as recommended. Read the manual.
  • Always register baby products with the manufacturer. Most manufacturers will contact those who are registered users of s recalled product.
  • Sign up to be notified when baby products are recalled: US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Have you ever had a baby product that was recalled? How did the company handle it?

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