Supporting different parenting styles, even when it’s not right for you

Earlier this week, we wrote about teaching your baby to read. We also presented the other side of the story, why some parents are waiting to teach their children reading skills. This is because we believe in supporting and respecting each other as parents, regardless of the methods and philosophies we embrace for our own families.

Yacine, the founder of, illustrates this beautifully:

“My best friend and I have kids the same age. Now that they’re in their pre-school years we have different opinions on teaching reading. She uses the Your Baby Can Read program. I support her in that decision. But on my side, I decided to wait.  I think an important lesson for parents is to support one another’s way of doing things even if you think your way is better. We have to keep in mind that while it might be better for our family, the other parent is making decisions in the best interests of her own family.”

Another example of a controversial topic could be using the cry it out method to get babies to sleep through the night. We avoided it, feeling it was harsh and cruel to our son. Now, as he nears three, he’s still a terrible sleeper.

Would he be sleeping peacefully all on his own now if we’d just let him suffer through a couple nights of crying when he was little? Who knows. I’ve seen research also to the effect that a child’s sleep style is part of their overall makeup, regardless of how you try to train them. I’m glad we didn’t do it. Eventually he WILL sleep on his own.

But I can also respect all the parents who have decided to implement it. Many of our friends have used the cry it out technique and are raising happy, well-adjusted children.

We do what we can with what feels best for our own families, right?

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