Restaurants, more healthy kids’ menu choices, please!

We just got back from a 4-day family vacation. Staying in a hotel meant eating out for every single meal. We ate at a variety of restaurants, but we only ordered from a kids’ menu once. (And that’s because they had grouper bites that I wanted!)

Seriously, restaurants. Can’t you move past French fries, chicken nuggets, and macaroni and cheese? If my son ate from a kids’ menu for 4 days, he would have gone 4 days with no vegetables (or a few chunks of boiled-to-oblivion broccoli) and only fried food. Maybe some fruit for dessert.

I know I don’t feel the best after eating a plate of fried chicken fingers and French fries. And I don’t want to get my son in the habit of eating that every time we go out, either. (Especially since the serving sizes look like they’re more for adults!)

I’m not talking about places that mainly serve burgers and fried food, either. We ate at very nice seafood restaurants, an Asian fusion restaurant, and other upscale places. Even the grouper bites I snagged off the kids’ menu at the most expensive restaurant were deep friend and came with a side of fries the size of Georgia!

We just got an extra plate and cut up chunks from our meals for our son. I’d say it’s lucky he likes the same food we do. But I know it’s not luck. As parents, we work hard to try to help our children develop healthy tastes, right? But it feels like most restaurants just aren’t on our side.

Of course eating from the kids’ menu every once in a while wouldn’t be so bad. I just felt it particularly while on vacation. And it made me realize I’ve rarely seen healthy choices for kids at restaurants before.

We eat out twice a week. In the last two years, I can only remember thinking I’d order from the kids’ menu once. (It was a sushi place that had a fun California roll just for kids!)

Why can’t restaurants offer scaled down sizes of a few of the same things parents get to order?

Does anyone else feel like this? Or am I overreacting to what should be expected when eating out?

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