Spring hats for girls

Pink bucket hat for girls

Pink bucket hat for girls

It’s Spring and time for a new hat for your little girl! Let me tell you about a couple precious, oh-so-girly hat designs that Beanie Designs sent me to review for the blog.

First of all, here’s the entire luscious collection of spring hats for kids, both boys and girls. Today I’m sharing with you the sweetest little girl hats, starting with a bucket hat, a beanie visor cap, and an adorable sun hat.

Girl’s crochet bucket hat with flower

This little number has an adorable rim all the way around. You can flip it up or down to protect your little girl’s eyes from the sun. The crochet hat style allows for plenty of airflow, so she won’t overheat on those coming hot spring days. Available in sizes 0-3 months up to preteen. There are

teal visor cap for girls

Girl's visor cap bursting with color

tons of other colors and styles of bucket hats, so check out the sun hats category for more choices.

Girl’s visor cap with flower

Okay, so maybe you consider your little girl more of a tomboy. Then a beanie visor cap may be right up her alley. (It’s still pretty girly, but perhaps it says “cool” more than “glamorous diva”. See the sun hat next if that’s your girl.) The visor cap is pretty similar to the bucket hat in that it’s crocheted for great airflow, but the flower is simpler and the visor gives a brim only in the front. Love the saturated teal and raspberry/burgundy colors! Available in sizes 0-3 months up to preteen.

Girl’s brimmed sunhat

girls sunhat

Glamorous sunhat fit for a princess

What little princess does not love pink and purple? Deliciously decked out in this sunhat, your little girl is set to melt hearts. If she has a Spring birthday or any special occasion coming up, surprise her with this glamorous sunhat! It’s sure to be her favorite hat when she’s dressed up or just playing around in the fresh Spring air. Available in sizes 0-3 months up to preteen.

Do you have a Beanie Designs hat for the Spring yet? Share with us which one you chose!

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