Spring photo ideas for baby girls

Spring is a wonderful time for capturing outdoor photos. Vibrant colored flowers are popping up all around, grass and trees are a luscious green, and the fresh spring air just puts everyone in a good mood. strawberry hat for little girl

Why not head outside to take some shots of your little girl, surrounded by nature? It’s easy enough to do in your own backyard. And if you have a professional photo session coming up, maybe you can also find some ideas here to incorporate.


If you’ve got a garden, lay your little girl down on her blanket in front of those spectacular blooms. Or pick one off and tuck it behind her ear or into her tiny hand. Depending on what you’ve got going on in your garden, you could try something like setting her down amongst the flowers in a moses basket for a top-down shot.


Trees symbolize growth and strength. With your baby girl at the foot of an arching granddaddy oak tree, the contrast could make for an interesting photo. Up close, the color and texture of bark is a stark difference against tender baby skin, making her appearance ever-so striking.

Blue Sky

The sky in spring just seems so brilliantly blue. Try laying your baby girl on her side and get down to her level. See if you can capture the horizon above her in the photo. Whether you get white fluffy clouds or clear blue sky, it’ll be a unique perspective with exquisite natural color.


If you’ve got pets, see how they can figure into the picture. How sweet would it be to have your beagle snuggled up with your baby girl bundle on a picnic blanket or in the tall grass? Even a make believe pet (aka stuffed) could make a sweet photo.

What can your baby girl wear?

Of course a fabulous Beanie Designs baby girl hat makes a great start to an outdoor spring outfit. Check out this pink hat with a giant white peony on it, this sweet strawberry hat, or this peach flower hat. We have an enormous collection of summer and spring baby hats to inspire you. So get snapping!

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    • Lisa

      Hi Keith, thanks, those are some great ideas. I love the one about setting your baby into something they’ll never fit into again! (But still, it must have been a pretty big teacup, right?) I’m going to think on some good props for this when my baby no. 2 shows up…

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