Staying Sane in the Suburbs

Today’s guest post comes to us from Tania at My Adventures in Mommyland. She writes a fun blog about her life as a twenty-something single mom to a darling little girl. Recent life changes have prompted a move from the big city to the suburbs, and here she shares her tips for coping with this major adjustment.

You can also check out our guest post at her blog today, too, where Lisa writes on the unexpected joys of raising a little boy.

feeding the ducks

Even small towns usually have a spot where you can take your toddler to feed some ducks!


Be sure to welcome her and add your thoughtsin the comments section below! Without further ado, here’s Tania…

I recently moved to the suburbs of Connecticut after living in New York City, and while still in transition looking for a new job I have been home with my toddler. I have to start off by saying I commend you stay at home moms. I love my daughter more than anything but being home with her all day everyday is not as easy as it seems. Especially in the suburbs!

It is a huge change for me going from the excitement of the city filled with endless amounts of things to do, to a small town where our daily activities have consisted of going to Walmart and the local library. I felt like I was running out of things to do and was on the brink of losing my sanity.

We had those days where in between coloring pictures of Elmo and having tea time with Mr. Bear I was mentally counting down the hours till naptime. So rather than check myself into the looney bin I decided to find us fun things to do in this small town to keep us entertained throughout the day.

Here is my compiled list of how to beat boredom and survive in the suburbs:

  1. Check out your local libraries or bookstore. They often have story times, crafts, sing alongs, and play areas that will help pass a few hours.
  2. Network with other moms in the area to find out about playgroups or try to even organize your own. Don’t have any mommy friends? Check out to find a playgroup in your area.
  3. Throw some shots of <enter liquor of choice> in your morning coffee. Okay fine I’m kidding (or am I?) But really if you do I won’t judge.
  4. Find local children’s museums at This is our favorite thing to do. Check around because sometimes some museums offer special free or discounted days/hours during the month. Or find out if your local library offers discounted passes. I know in my town you can even get a free pass for select museums!
  5. Some other things to do that don’t really cost anything: Farmers markets are always fun to visit! Go to a local mall that may have an indoor play area. Walk around the pet store if your child is an animal lover. Go to a park with a pond and feed the ducks with your old bread for added fun pack a blanket and picnic basket.
  6. Don’t forget to schedule in special time for yourself sans children. Have your spouse, friend or family member watch your child so you get some time alone. I honestly think this is so crucial in maintaining sanity. Everyone needs alone time.
library time

Head to the library with your toddler for some fun time

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  1. Lisa

    Tania! Thanks so much for guest blogging with us today. It’s so true that Wal-Mart gets old pretty fast when it’s your main source of entertainment. We are like that with the one mall in town here. We visit the ride-on machines, maybe the Build A Bear Workshop store, and the food court for a good time, ha! I’ve got to get out and try some of the places you’ve suggested.

  2. Tania

    Thanks so much again for having me guest post I hope your readers enjoy these ideas!

    • Lisa

      Hi Tania, our pleasure!

  3. Jessica B.

    Hi Tania,
    Thanks for sharing this blog with us! I can relate to what you are experiencing right now. I was a teacher for 6 years in a larger city, but recently moved back home to my home town. Our son was born in April, so at that time we decided to have me stay home a little while with him and decided to make the move home. I am already worried about finding things to do this winter. My son loves the outdoors, so we found lots to do this summer…boat rides, the zoo, parks, walks in the stroller, and outdoor picnics. This winter, I will use some of your suggestions. I am going to look up area museums and our library to see what they have for young ones (my son just turned 5 months). While I love staying home with my son, I still miss being at work with my teacher friends. I am currently looking for stay at home mom groups, so I can get out and socialize with other mothers. Have a wonderful adventure at home with your toddler!

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