Strange things you do for your toddler son

When I learned I was having a son, I was struck with fear. I knew nothing of raising boys. (I grew up with 2 sisters.) Memories of the boys I babysat during summers in junior high school still haunt me. And all I saw mentioned in the baby articles I read during pregnancy talked about tucking in your little boy’s equipment when you diaper him.

Beyond that, I had no idea what life had in store for me as I looked forward to raising my son.

Having a boy is completely different from having a girl, particularly once they start to develop their own little independent likes and dislikes in the toddler years. I never in my life expected to care about any of these things. But now I do. Way beyond what any reasonable lady would otherwise.

Driving slowly past construction sites

I’m sure I’ve been the subject of road rage. I slow down every time I see any form of construction going on roadside, to make sure Rohan gets a good look out the backseat window. The sight of construction vehicles gets him excited like nothing else, and as a mom, you feed off your kids’ joy. I’ll put up with the honking.

Ogling big trucks in the next lane over

Another problem on the road, the guy driving the semi-trailer in the neighboring lane invariably thinks I’m checking him out as I ogle his truck. He doesn’t realize the one who’s really checking out his ride is the toddler in the backseat. He can’t see him because my rear windows are tinted! (I have stopped looking at trucks now, since I started noticing the drivers grinning back at me.)

Learning the difference between a front end loader, an excavator and a bulldozer

I had no idea of the vast number of types of heavy machinery and vehicles that existed. Now I know them all.

Listening for fire or police sirens

Toddler boy having a tantrum? Just tell him, “Shh, I hear a siren!” and he’ll stop to listen. (The same could be said of airplanes and helicopters flying overhead.) Spotting a police care or fire truck en route will truly put him over the top. I remember when my son was just learning to speak, and we pulled over for a big fire truck on its way to a fire. Rohan was yelling and signing “More!” furiously.

Chasing garbage collection trucks

We used to stalk the garbage trucks, me running pushing Rohan in the stroller at top speed, him screaming and pointing. Bless those gracious sanitation workers—they always waved or honked for us, to his delight.

Learning very important facts—like the parts of a train

I knew nothing of the various mechanisms that make trains run or even what you call the different types of train cars. Rohan continues to enlighten me every day.

If you’re expecting a son but feel like you’re lost when it comes to these things, don’t worry about prepping. Your son will lead you through it all. And learning it together (or more likely, learning it from him) will prove a supreme way to bond.

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  1. Marte

    Interesting to read the difference between a city son and a country son.

    One incident that stands out in my mind was a spring day when I was out of hay. Luckily, I’d found a farmer who would sell me a couple of bales to tide us over until the truckload arrived.

    We had to drive through a muddy lane with a big mud hole in the middle. I skirted the edge, jostling through the mud, worried that any minute we’d tip over. SCARY!! After we got in and back out, my 5 year old son looked at me and said “That was fun! Can we go back and do it again?”

    • Lisa

      Hi Marte, thanks for stopping by! Great story. Lucky country boys must get to see a lot of tractors, I’ll bet. At Halloween, we have ‘pumpkin patches’, and many have a tractor sitting there waiting to give hay rides. Last year we had to go back about 5 times during the month the place was set up so Rohan could sit on that tractor!

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