The stuff of summer memories – swimming with your little boy or girl

I can’t wait for every chance I get to go swimming with my little boy. He LOVES the water. And so do I.

It’s our special time. Little brother stays home with dad, and big brother gets to go swimming with mommy.

Now that my little guy is a preschooler (almost four!), he’s taking swimming lessons. He has only had four lessons, but he can float on his back, kick his way across the pool with a kickboard, climb out onto the edge of the pool, jump in (with me to catch him), grab dive rings off the deepest steps, and even doggie paddle a little when thrust forward.

I couldn’t be prouder or more pleased, since I love swimming, too.

But when I say I love swimming, I mean I love playing around in the water. Like a big kid.

I never understood the attraction to swimming laps. Who decided a pool should be for simply swimming to and fro? I figure water is meant to be splashed in, jumped into, log -rolled on, floated on, and playfully kicked around in.

My childlike appreciation of the water must be genetic.

An illustration of just how this runs in my family: One day my husband was standing by the pool having a very serious chat with a co-worker who also lives in the neighborhood. All of a sudden they hear a bellowing voice whoop out a giant “yippee!” They turn to feel a giant whooooosh as Grampie (my dad) runs full barrel past them, splitting the pool with a massive cannonball into the water.

Some of my fondest summer childhood memories are frolicking in pools, lakes and even streams with my sisters and dad. We would jump in over and over, do handstands, laze around in tubes. If there was a log for log rolling or a raft for tipping, all the better.

So the sooner my son learns to swim, the better. Plus, living in the South especially, swimming is a life skill no child should be without.

Are you enjoying swimming with your little girl or boy this summer?

Just be sure to take precautions and avoid the midday heat, use sunscreen, and top off your little boy or girl with a Beanie Designs sun hat or visor cap, whether you’re hitting the pool, lake or beach!

The first day of preschool – my little boy was ready, I was not!

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  1. Jessica Beard

    My son is only 15 months, but loves the water already. We have had so much fun swimming (with a life vest on of course), playing in the sprinklers, water table, and even the dog’s water bowl. ha ha I look forward to the time when we can get him in swim classes and teach him how to swim. It sounds like you are doing a great job with your son and having a blast doing it.

    • Lisa

      Jessica, kids sure do love water, don’t they! I have to say, I was not prepared for the great strides my son has made through this summer. My sister was visiting recently, and she took him to the pool every day. At the end of her 10 days with us, he was swimming 10 feet on his own! The formal lessons he has had through Swim Squad gave a foundation, but just going and playing every day, with some urging to practice what he’d learned in his lesson is paying off huge!

  2. Jessica Beard

    Practice definitely pays off. It sounds like your son is doing great. Wow-10 feet already. I’m sure you are a proud mommy. I can’t believe how fast kids learn. My son is only 15 months, but he amazes me at what he remembers and how he discovers how new things work.

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