It seems that nothing ever really goes as planned anymore, at least since I started having babies just over four years ago. I imagine it’s hard for non-parent friends to understand. But the smallest member of the household winds up dictating what we do most days. Plans often don’t come to fruition – at least […]

So, you wait until your child is four years old, or thereabouts, to enroll him or her in a great preschool. You do your research, then sit back and look forward to it, anticipating more time to yourself while your child is learning great things and making new friends. But wait. The hard part is […]

Contrary to popular thought, we busy moms are surprisingly good at saying no. It’s just that we say no to the wrong things. It’s surprisingly difficult to say no when we should. Like when asked to take on tasks that extend beyond what our already busy schedule might comfortably allow. A lot of moms have […]


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