The case of the disappearing baby hat

earflap hat

Does your baby keep his hat on – or does he pull it off as soon as it’s on his head?

As cool weather sets in, a warm, high-quality hat is a must-have for your baby. But what do you do if your babe won’t keep her hat on?

Babies love to play with anything new, and that’s often why babies try to get their hats off as soon as you put them on.

Your baby: “What’s this fuzzy new thing on me now?”as she pulls it off for the 8th time in a row…

You: “Argh, keep that on! I am trying to keep you warm!”

Many moms make a point of getting their babies used to wearing our hats and hair bands from early on, before those little hands get proficient at ripping articles of clothing off. But if this is news to you, don’t worry, it’s not too late.

Since it’s often the novelty factor that’s behind your baby’s desire to remove his or her hat, you’ll want to make it a little less interesting. When you place the hat on, distract with a toy or favorite song.

This may only work for a few moments the first time, but after several different outings where you’ve consistently used it, the hat becomes, well, old hat to your baby.

I’d also recommend trying a baby hat with tassels that tie under the chin. This will buy you some time and make sure the hat stays on longer. The added bonus is that ears are covered reliably, also (that’s why they’re sometimes called ear hats).

Tassel and flap hat

Try tassels to keep that hat on! Bonus, they can also be tied up behind the head out of the way.

Tell us, how do you get your baby to keep his or her adorable little hat on?

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