The magic of babies

Baby hat with tassles and flower, from Beanie Designs

The sweet magic of babies, wrapped up in the softest baby hats ever

I was lying down with my baby after our walk this morning, getting in some quality cuddling before his morning nap – and basking in all the wonderful magic that is a baby.

Babies are completely enchanting, wouldn’t you agree? Whether you have one baby or you’ve had five, you can never get enough of those squishy legs, that soft hair and sweet baby smell.

Their little fingers, so curious about everything. A gentle touch from baby sends a mother thrills of joy. (But watch out when those little fingers go for your hair!)

Padded little feet, plump and rounded, yet to take real steps. You wonder how those fat little toes all fit side by side!

Knees and elbows that you can hardly see for all their squishiness. A bellybutton in the middle of a big, rounded tummy, contentedly filled with milk.

Milky breath. A soft mouth that plants sloppy wet kisses on your cheek.

A baby’s sweet little head, protected gently by the softest of baby hats, turning to see every noise. That rounded forehead and cute-as-a-button nose. Sleepy eyes peering out from under long eyelashes.

A soft, warm little baby cheek pressed on yours.

When your baby turns toward you and smiles, it’s hard to imagine anything more beautiful. You want to freeze that moment forever.

Indeed, babies cast a spell on moms everywhere.

Oh, what to do as your baby takes on the form of a long, bony, busy preschooler, the independence of a teenager and finally a real grownup?

What magic it must be to become a grandmother, so many years after!

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