Baby Bear With A Twist Hat

The mistake that led to a bestselling baby hat

The new baby boy's beanie design

The new baby boy's beanie design created by mistake - turning into a bestseller!

Plenty of times we don’t take a leap because we’re afraid we’ll fail or make a mistake. But sometimes a mistake can lead to a brilliant discovery. Without mistakes and lessons learned, we’d never move ahead, right?

This applies to businesses, too. Creator of Beanie Designs, Yacine Diop, has seen firsthand how one small mistake can actually lead to creation of a popular new product, a new baby boy hat design in this case.

Yacine and all our knitters are fanatics when it comes to quality. If you’ve ever owned a Beanie Designs hat, you’ve likely been amazed at the uniform knitting and near-seamless designs they create.

One time, a new knitter knit ears onto a baby boy’s hat by mistake. The design didn’t call for ears – it was a fairly simple beanie hat. But she found herself thinking about a different hat design, and the finished hat came out differently.

For months, the hat just sat in the Beanie Designs office.  Then Yacine finally decided to make the little boy’s hat available through the site. To everyone’s surprise, that design now outsells the previous designs it was based on!

The original boy's beanie hat design

The original boy's beanie hat design

So, you see, it’s worth taking a chance and making a mistake or two. You just never know when you’ll end up with something better than you started with!

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Comments (3)

  1. Camie Rae Coles

    I love it! So so cute! Interesting that it was not planned! Awesome!

  2. Jessica B.

    I love the new beanie design you created on accident! It adds a neat touch to a simple hat.

  3. Ashley Wells

    I love the ear flap hats! Im glad you made that mistake! 🙂

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