The things that surprised me about motherhood

Becoming a mom is a life-defining move. You study up while you’re pregnant, hoping, praying, and trusting you’ll be a good parent and handle with grace all the things that come your way.

But even if you took notes on motherhood from the time you were 10 years old, there would still be a few things to catch you by surprise.

Here’s what got me. Tell me what surprised you in the comments below!

How much I liked being a mom

I didn’t always have a rosy image of motherhood. When I actually became a mother, I was shocked to find that I really liked being a mom, despite all the difficult things that go along with it. I loved being a mom so much that I didn’t want to do anything else, including working.

The things I gave up that I hadn’t planned to – and that I didn’t even mind

I figured I would play tennis while the baby rested in the stroller on the sidelines. Yeah, right. I haven’t played tennis since I first got pregnant over 4 years ago. My husband and I didn’t go on a date night until our first son was 2 years old. It’s safe to say our travel life has been all but extinguished for the next unknown number of years, too, until the kids get old enough to make it easy for us (and we make enough money to buy airline tickets for FOUR!)

I’m so caught in the moment of everyday life that I can’t even feel bad about something I might be missing.

The unfathomable amount of stuff you can buy – and hence want to buy – to help you take care of a baby

As far as gear went, I figured we’d need a crib, a high chair, a diaper pail, and somewhere to change the baby.

Then I learned about bouncy seats, car seats, Bumbos, play mats, baby carriers, play yards, exersaucers, cute cloth diapers, monitors, sleep sacks, wipes warmers, unimaginable amounts of toys, not to mention all the cute clothing options (and of course darling baby hats!)

Have you heard of the bathinette? A changing table and bathtub all in one – I got one this time around.

People view you differently once you have a kid

I am treated differently when I’m with my kids, whether it’s the old ladies walking their dogs, the A/C guy who comes to our house, or the checkout lady at the supermarket.

That having a baby would be the key to wonderful, new friendships

Kids are a great conversation starter.

I’ve met new friends thanks to having a kid, other smart, beautiful moms. I don’t know why, but I always thought that once you became a mom, you became boring and frumpy. I would have loved these other mom friends whether they had kids or not. But I wouldn’t have met them if I didn’t have a baby myself.

How much you can fall head over heels in love with a tiny being

It may be cliché, but it’s true. You just don’t know love until you have a baby. You would do anything for that teeny tiny person, and you do. Every breath, every thought belongs to them, and there’s no going back. You’re changed forever.

Now, your turn, what surprised you about becoming a mom?

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