The ultimate mom phone – part I

What makes a good mom phone? Given today’s mom’s busy schedule of activities, I’d say the ultimate mom phone must rival the fanciest of business cell phones in terms of functionality. And that’s whether you’re a working mom or a stay-at-home-mom!

Here’s my list of things the ultimate mom phone should do. What do you think? Let me know your must-haves in the comments section below! (Not sure you even need the Ultimate Mom Phone?)

Apps – Whether you need to track your baby’s feeding or sleeping schedule, or you just want games to amuse your toddler in a pinch, useful apps can make a mom’s life much easier.

Good call quality – Talk time is hard to come by, so you don’t want it muddled with static and lots of “can you hear me now?”

Internet access – Now with so many playgroups operating through websites or Facebook pages, you’ll want your mom phone to keep you in the know. It’s also nice to be able to check email, manage calendars, search the Internet and browse Facebook without booting up the computer. Hey, every free second is precious!

Text messaging – When you need to get a message out fast to a mom you’re meeting, there’s no better way than texting. You also don’t interrupt anyone with a text the way you do with a call.

Easy typing – After getting used to the Qwerty keyboard on my T-Mobile Dash, it was hard to go back to the regular phone keypad. (The constantly dying battery on my Dash prompted me to give it up, and I opted for a regular phone with a better camera –which has also since died. Hence the search for the ultimate mom phone!)

Skype – We Skype regularly with our relatives, since they are in far flung places all over Canada and India. It would be nice to do it on the go, since we’re usually stuck in front of the computer when we might otherwise be out to brunch or at a park.

Good camera – It’s often easier to snap a quick pic of your kid with your phone than to haul out a camera. By the time you turn it on, the moment has usually passed. I especially love to take pictures and videos and send them to my husband’s cell phone throughout the day. If you’ve got Internet capability, you can also upload your pictures to Facebook directly. The better the camera, the better the results when you view the pictures on your computer. It’s also nice to have the resolution to print the pictures later, too.

A decent battery life – It’ll be hard to find a phone with all of the above, plus a good battery life. Smartphones are notorious for quickly dying batteries. One mom told me she could rarely make it to 5 o’clock each day without plugging in her iPhone again. If you’re a stay-at-home-mom, maybe it’s not so bad, as you can leave it plugged it. Still, you don’t want to be caught with a dead battery when you do go out, right?

Cost-effective monthly bill – Yes, I want it all, and cheap. Hopefully under $80, ideally closer to $50/month.

Moms, let me know what phone you recommend. And look for our review of contenders for the title of the Ultimate Mom Phone next week!

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