The trouble with bottles…

My first baby flat out refused bottles. We gave up trying and I was glued to him for two whole years, whipping out a breast whenever he wanted a snack.

Now, my second baby wants nothing to do with my breasts.

I thought I had it good when the second baby seemed happy to switch back and forth between boob and bottle at any time. He ate predictably at three-hour intervals, unlike my first baby, who was on and off constantly. I was looking forward to pumping ahead of time when a bottle would make life more convenient, and then just lifting my shirt every other time.

Now I’m starting to think I was lucky with the first baby. Over the last week, our second son has started crying when I offer the breast, begging me to feed him by bottle. As I get to know the world of bottle feeding a bit better, I’m faced with a new set of challenges.

The way I see it, there are a few problems with bottles:

  1. They take over your kitchen. Between storing and washing and drying them, you can say goodbye to counter space and cupboard space. And I don’t even have enough to last more than a day’s feedings.
  2. They are annoyingly tippy. You know the struggles with Tupperware type of containers, right? Always in a jumble, and when you try to pull out a lid, a bunch of other parts fall out of the cupboard in a heap. Well, bottles never seem to stay standing up properly or neatly stacked either. I find myself swearing under my breath more than I ever have these days.
  3. And the big one: bottles are a major time suck. I’m already spending an extra 60 minutes a day caring for my cloth diapers. Now I have to pump milk for every feeding, feed it to the baby, then wash the bottles and pump parts. I was up from 2 – 3:30 am last night doing this! And I neeeeeedddd every minute of sleep I can get… And days aren’t much easier with my three-year-old son needing me while I’m trying to pump every time.My husband just offered me pistachios for a snack. Who has time to eat something that requires prying apart tiny shells just to glean miniature-sized morsels? Seriously, bottles have brought me to this point.

Help! Does anyone have any ideas to help streamline the pumping, feeding and cleaning cycle when it comes to bottles? I’m at my wits end…

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  1. BethGold

    I have breast fed 2 children for 9 months each. I breast fed 100% until the last month before I went back to work. try finding a bottle shapped more like your breast. When you begin to offer it, try it only 2 or 3 times during the day when you will be away. Each way of feeding has its own advantage. if u are a stay at home mom, pick one main way as to not confuse the child. If he perferrs the bottle, then pump. Breast feeding doesnt always come natural. both you and baby have to learn together. you can always ask a lactation consultant.

    • Lisa

      Beth, thanks for your tips! I think it would have been helpful as you said to just stick with one way, rather than confusing with bottles and breast. He’s still not liking the breast after 2 weeks, and I fear I may be stuck with pumping and feeding every time now!

  2. Staci A

    My little one is not a fan of bottles at all. He’ll eat just enough to not feel overly hungry while I’m at work, then pig out all night long. I hate the time it takes cleaning bottles too, but don’t have any tips. My kitchen counter is always overrun with bottles and pump parts! Good luck!

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