Useful tools in your super mama kit

Ladies, as you go about your days (or years) after having a baby, there are a few things I think you’ll find particularly helpful.

I’m not talking about baby gear. I’m talking about the things a mama needs.

You’re a super mom. You put a lot of thought into getting the cutest stuff for your little boy or girl (we know you do, else you wouldn’t be on our site for supremely cute baby hats!) And your day goes that much better when you’re feelin’ good, too, right? – Whether you’re approaching the third trimester, cuddling a newborn, or wondering where the time went with a pre-teen!

Halftees – It’s no secret that things expand up top during the baby period. Available in a few different styles, Halftees give you plenty of coverage up top but are cut off so you don’t get the added bulk around the middle that comes with a camisole. Wear one under your shirt when you want good coverage. (For an even higher neckline, switch the back to front!)

Cami insert – These are little pieces of fabric that attach to your bra straps in the front to cover any exposed cleavage. I have found the Cami Secret is useful for plenty of situations, but if you’re moving around a lot (e.g. carrying a kid) it sometimes works its way out a bit. (It does work well with nursing, giving easier access to your bra than a Halftee.)

Bra back extender – A bra back extender will add as much extra length as you need to keep your bras fitting while you work on getting back into your regular shape. It’s just a couple bucks for a pack and you can wear them throughout pregnancy and postpartum!

Vanishing Edge panties – I don’t know about you, but I find that most panties claiming to be invisible through clothing really aren’t. Well, I have found the ones that really are. And these Vanishing Edge panties also have little silicone strips that prevent riding up in the back. After all, being comfortable when you’re nursing and lugging a baby around everywhere is soooo important. (This company, Soma, also makes a wonderful cami bra that’s comfortable and looks great as well as bras that make back fat vanish!)

Rubber shapewear – Move over Spanx! When you want firm control, it’s gotta have rubber in it. Great for date night, or just holding it all together after you’re home from the hospital. Bonus, a rubber compression belt/vest can also help you regain your shape faster, they say.

Good nursing tanks – For sleeping in, feeding in, spending your days in, good nursing tanks are worth investing in. I loved my Cantaloop nursing tanks all through pregnancy and postpartum.

Tell us, what mama items did you find you couldn’t live without?

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