What happens in your house after the kids go to bed?

In our house, some strange things happen after the kids have gone to bed.

I grab my iPod Touch or my laptop and open some of my favorite shopping sites.

My husband reaches for his Wii-mote and starts a round of virtual golf.

We don’t say a word. Yet somehow we’re in tune with each other.

After a hectic day at work and then jumping immediately into daddy time, my husband’s speaking quota is mostly used up for the day.

After a hectic day at home or dashing to appointments with my toddler in tow, I want to sit still and focus on something I can control.

At some point, I may start jabbering away to him…

I’m not naturally very talkative, but it’s been a full day since I’ve talked to another adult, right?

My husband listens selectively, injecting input here and there (sometimes skillfully, other times utterly uselessly).

The other day, I missed our favorite TV show completely because I was turned around talking to him for a full 25 minutes before realizing it was on. He had managed to “listen” and watch the whole thing. An impressive talent, for sure. And somehow we were both satisfied. We got what we needed.

We do have our evenings where we put everything down, pour some wine and update each other on our days. Then we also have our date nights where we remove ourselves from the house and do it over some good food, too.

This is what helps us unwind at this point in our lives.

What happens in YOUR house after the kids go to bed?

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  1. Jessica Beard

    Lisa, your blog describes my life completely after my son goes to bed. Most days I am so tired when I put him to bed that I want to go to sleep myself. I usually end up searching the Internet, checking Facebook, and watching some TV. My husband and I share about our days, but sometimes I just want to have some peace and quiet. I wish I had more energy to start on housework, but at that time of night I am just drained.

  2. Raven Baxter

    When the lights go out in our house lol, I break out the air popper and the DVR. All of my recoreded shows get watched and me and my husband give eachother the eye (like we know what eachother are thinking) but we don’t speak lol.Electrinics are the key to entertainment in our house.

  3. Camie Rae Coles

    Ha ha we’re awesome. We usually sit in bed with out laptops watching tv…all at the same time. Yikes.

  4. Terri W.

    When my kids were young we’d fix a bowl of ice cream and watch our TV shows after they went to bed.

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