When a mom should never say no

Contrary to popular thought, we busy moms are surprisingly good at saying no. It’s just that we say no to the wrong things.

It’s surprisingly difficult to say no when we should. Like when asked to take on tasks that extend beyond what our already busy schedule might comfortably allow.

A lot of moms have a hard time saying yes, too.

For example: Our supermarket has a complimentary service where the bag boy will push your cart to your car, load it up for you, close your trunk, and send you merrily on your way. It’s FREE. No tipping even allowed.

I’ve seen plenty of women – juggling kids, purse, diaper bag and cart – say NO THANKS to the chipper high school student who is ready, willing and able to do the job.

I’ll admit, it was my first instinct to say no, too.

Then I said YES once. And I’ve never looked back. Do you know the fatigue it saves me? Not to mention extra minutes. By the time I get my son settled in his car seat, the bag boy is already closing the trunk, with all my groceries safe inside.

My point is that we should all say yes sometimes, when it comes to those things that will make life easier. Why do we say no at those times, anyways? How could it possibly feel like more of a hassle to say yes than just decline when someone is offering to help?

If it’s a business offering something for free, by all means partake. They want you to!

And you may be surprised to know that your friends also want you to say yes when they offer, too. After all, it’s an honor to be of service to others, and they know you’d help them in a pinch, too.

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