When will you let your little girl start wearing makeup?

The TV show Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC follows little girls and boys who parade around wearing makeup, false eyelashes, spray tans and fake hair to be judged on their beauty, personality and costumes.

That’s one way to get your kid started out wearing makeup. Still, some girls don’t get into makeup until they’re teens.

I started wearing makeup when I was probably 9 or 10. My mom was always livid when she saw me wearing it. She felt it was downright sinful to wear makeup at that age.

What she didn’t know was that I was really searching for a way to make myself feel good about how I looked, as I was entering the crazy time of puberty. I hated my freckles, so I would sneak on some of her foundation to try to cover them. And it just grew from there.

Looking back, I could see that I really didn’t have much confidence in myself, and makeup was a way to try to gain some.

One day when I was about 11, I didn’t wear foundation. A friend told me I looked sick and to never go out without makeup again.

You know how kids can take things to heart. It was probably 15 years later that I finally felt comfortable enough in my own skin to go without makeup for a day.

I’d say even age 10 or 11 is still probably too young to get into makeup. But that’s just my experience. I depended on it to feel good about how I looked. And that’s not the right way to start out as a young woman.

Frankly, this question, among others, had me worried about raising a girl if we would have been blessed with one. (Thankfully, we’ll be a family of boys. So much simpler!)

What about you? What age do you think is fine for a girl to start wearing makeup? And what if she sneaks it before then?

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  1. Jessica Beard

    When I look back, I think I started wearing makeup in middle school (so 12 or 13). I have a little boy, but if I have a girl at some point, I will probably let her start wearing it around the same time. A little lip gloss might be a different story. I had some 2nd graders wearing makeup last year in class. That is way too young!

  2. Terri W.

    I let my daughter start wearing some makeup at 12. She wasn’t all that interested in it before then. Now days girls are wearing it sooner and sooner.

  3. Camie Rae Coles

    I used to sneak it, but nothing much. Mascara and lip stick. Then when I was in 7th grade, my mom let me really wear it…and I hated foundation. I wore mascara and eyeliner and very little eye shadow. I don’t know how I feel about young girls wearing makeup. I think 10 is young, but who knows! Maybe start off with a little lip gloss and go from there??

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