When your kid is the weird one

I thought my kid was brilliant. He could read toddler books at two. He speaks well and rarely misbehaves. He is kind and considerate and was never prone to tantrums. I felt blessed.

He just started a few classes, and I had high hopes. But rather than feeling proud, I’m actually a bit embarrassed most days.

  • In his science class, he normally sits in his chair and rests his chin on the table the WHOLE TIME, not even getting up to touch the latest gooey creation the class has made. Sometimes he’s chewing on the table.
  • In the last class, I saw him prodding and pushing randomly the kids who were  nearby.
  • In his soccer class, he not only failed to do what the teacher asked, he wouldn’t let go of the teacher’s hand. So the teacher carried him around on his hip for the rest of the class. (Meanwhile, a tiny little girl dribbled the soccer ball exquisitely in a figure eight around pylons.)
  • In his Games and Movement class, he was so focused on picking up sticks on the ground and tossing them that he hit one girl in the face by mistake and had no idea what he was supposed to be doing.
  • Music class is going better now. The first class, he sat motionless on the floor while the other kids jumped, sang and ran around to the music. In the second class, the teacher encouraged him to join in, and he DID! Mind you, he had to pick my son up and turn him to face the same direction as the rest of the class first.

My son is three, and granted the classes are for 3-5 year olds. Many of the kids already attend preschool and know each other, so classes are not only new, but the all the kids and teachers are strangers to him. I am telling myself to give it more time. I probably shouldn’t expect so much of a three year old, right?

We talk after class about what he liked and what he can do next time (maybe say “hello” instead of pushing someone, and no more throwing sticks around other kids for starters!)

He really enjoys his classes, but he thinks he’s there to observe, like some pint-sized researcher, rather than participate.

And there’s a lesson here for mommy: Now I know what it feels like to be the one with the weird kid. I must say, my sympathy has gone up a notch.

Has your kid ever done embarrassing things in public?

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  1. BethGold

    “its a phase…” i hate that saying but its true. pay attention. if major concerns, see your doctor. my 3yr old all the sudden wont go to bed or stay asleep….he even screams, bangs on the door etc….im hoping this “phase” is soon over!

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