Why moms love texting

I sat down Sunday night with my phone. I had been hoping to call some friends who I just hadn’t connected with in a week or two.

Did I call them? No, I texted them. Is that weird? Lazy? Selfish and one-sided?

Probably. But by 7 pm every night, I am so worn out that I can’t speak, it seems. My thumbs work better than my mouth by that point, so I shoot off a quick text to let the person know I’m thinking of them. I really had wanted to call…

There are moms who live two houses over who I’m friends with, and we communicate through Facebook or texting. Some I consider really good friends, yet I would hesitate to pick up the phone to chat with them.

So, I suppose it goes two ways. Of all my friends, there’s only one who uses the phone to talk to me. If someone mostly texts me, then I feel I should take that cue, too.

Why the dependence on texting for moms, you’re wondering?

I’ll put forth a few theories here. You tell me if they ring true for you…

Kids become needy the minute they see you on the phone

“Mommy, she took my toy.” “Mommy, I can’t find my socks.” “Mommy, I have to poop.” No need to say more.

Texting takes way less time than a phone call

You can ask the question or indicate the sentiment without all the unnecessary chatter that goes with a phone call, right?

Texting lets you “speak” when you have the time

You get a text from Susan but you’re in the middle of a diaper change, cooking lunch, and supervising your preschooler’s painting. So you reply 30 minutes later, once you have a spare hand. She writes back 2 hours later.

Sure, it’s a fragmented conversation. But have you ever even had a complete, back-and-forth conversation with another mom at a playdate? Some of those conversations even get continued by text long after the playdate is over! Moms are used to fragmented conversations.

And, texting doesn’t wake up the baby

Have you ever had your phone ring just as you’re setting baby down asleep, only to have your sweet one’s eyes pop open, wide awake? Trust me, you don’t want to be the one on the other end of that call.

But texting has its disadvantages, too

I can go days without an adult conversation, it seems. And I’m not really texting so much that I really feel connected to anyone.

Facebook is for that, I suppose.

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  1. beth gold

    I personally like txting because it is so much easier to txt someone than try to hold a conversation with screaming kids in the backround. Plus I don’t have 10min of alone time to take a phone call

    • Lisa

      So true, Beth! Which makes me appreciate all the more when you and other moms leave comments on our blog. We are grateful that you’ve chosen to spend even a few minutes with us here. Text on, baby!

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