Why my heart is singing on this glorious morning

When you have kids, the things you celebrate take on a different hue. Today I’m bursting with joy, and I couldn’t wait to share with you all the things that have me sitting here feeling great right now. Let me know in the comments below something you’re celebrating right now, too!

My baby went down for his first nap with minimal fuss – and no pacifier.

He’s six months old, and we had pushed the pacifier on him lately, more than usual, to help with lessening night feeds. But then the pacifier became a monster, with us up all night putting the dang thing back in.

Oh how he cried when it was time to sleep the last two days, even when we were holding him! But it looks like payoff is right around the corner.

A new dress came in the mail. And I think I’ll keep it.

I had credit with one of my favorite online retailers, and I ordered myself a dress with high hopes. It turned out to be beautiful – and stretchy – so I think it will work now and also when I’m back to my pre-preg weight. Hello summer!

Another pound less on the scale this morning.

Only 17 more to go, ha! But, hey, there hadn’t been much progress lately. Baby Number Two has produced much more stubborn mommy fat, it seems.

Two hours to myself at Starbucks.

The hubby is home today, and I’m out of the house with no kids in sight. That never happens. It’s the stuff of fables and fairytales, right? Major reason to celebrate!

Wearing my hair down.

No little drool-covered fingers to torture me by yanking it so hard it feels like what’s left of it is going to all come out.

A bright pink pair of peep toe heels.

Well, not so cute next to that forest growing on my legs. But oh well, from a distance… (at least it’s blonde).

Anticipation of seeing my babies again in just a couple hours…

I have plans to dress up my two little boys in their favorite Beanie Designs little boy’s hats later on and take some photos for you. Number Two just hasn’t benefited from the same camera action as his big brother, and it’s time to catch up!

What’s got YOU smiling today?

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  1. Jane

    I would also add that it’s SPRING! And the weather is finally warm enough to get out and about. The feeling of warm sun on my back is definitely something that makes me happy!

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