You, in your child’s eyes

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Now look again, but see yourself with the fresh eyes of your child.

Where you might see dark circles or crows feet, he sees the lovely eyes that reflect his image when you gaze upon him.

If you see a waistline that’s not cooperating with your favorite jeans, she sees the soft, warm body that gives her comforting hugs – and the best place in the world to nestle.

Your hair might be looking flat and lifeless to you, but to him it’s a luxurious silky flowing mane to twine around his fingers.

Maybe your mouth leaves you wishing for a pout more like Angelina Jolie’s. Just imagine – your little girl sees a beautiful smile that radiates love and sweetness. She lives to see your smile.

To your child, there’s no one more beautiful or smart than you. She wants to be like you.

He wants to look at you carefully before you turn out the light, to keep your face close as he goes to sleep.

When your little girl or boy is happy or sad, frightened or filled with anticipation, hurt or happy, you’re the first person they think of. They can’t wait to see you again – when they first get up in the morning, when school is finished for the day, or when you come home from the grocery store.

You are the best playmate, the best dinner date, the most engaging conversationalist. Your opinion matters more than anyone’s.

You thrill by simply paying attention – just looking at your baby can make him deliriously happy, producing fits of giggles. When you talk and listen to your older child, she knows she is important.

You are beautiful in your child’s eyes.

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  1. Leslie Guenther

    Until recently I have always been okay with the way I look. I am normally a happy person and I am quick to smile and laugh. Life has been pretty rough and after a month in the hospital I looked pretty bad. I would not let anyone take a picture of me and I would not look into the mirror. I came home feeling so down that was until I got my two boys back in my arms. Nothing makes me feel more loved and beautiful than my husband and children. I know I look different but their love is blindfull to all and that is the most precious gift they give to me everyday.

    • Lisa

      Oh Leslie, just picturing you reuniting with your little boys and feeling their love brought tears to my eyes! Isn’t amazing how fulfilling our children/families can be?

  2. Beth Pociask

    This definitely helps especially now at 3 months pp and dealing with the weight gain from pregancy and the flabby tummy and stretch marks left over. Whenever my son looks at me and smiles I feel so amazing and makes it so worth it!

    • Lisa

      Yeah, having kids really changes your priorities. It still feels good to look nice, but we can cut our bodies some slack because of what they’ve been through. I’m finding it much harder to lose the weight after the second baby, but I’ll give it more time…

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